Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Cover

Claire's Fairy Wishes will have a new cover in August. The novella will also be available in all ebook formats. So what do you think of the new cover?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Night Lover-Kindle & Nook

Woot! Night Lover is now available for your Kindle and Nook. You get the full novella for 99 cents. Here are the links.



Enjoy the read.

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Night Lover-Available-99 cents

Hurray! Night Lover is now available at Smashwords for 99 cents. The paranormal erotic romance novella should be available for the Kindle and Nook in another day or two. In the meantime, hop on over to Smashwords and download the sample. My hope is you will want to keep reading and will purchase the full novella.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night Lover-Excerpt

Here's a short excerpt of my upcoming release Night Lover.

Kim climbed up into the passenger’s seat of the SUV to the sound of Jill scolding a sales associate on her cell phone. Once she’d finished, she glanced over at Kim and gasped. “Wow, you look hot.”

Kim’s mouth opened to protest, but ended up closing into a sly grin as she clicked on the seatbelt. The black spaghetti straps holding up her silk top did look sexy on her bare shoulders. Her beige skirt had crept up around the top of her thighs when she sat down. But when she stood, the hemline only rose about six inches above the knee. In Kim’s eyes just long enough to make her appear respectable.

“Damn, I admit I’m horny as hell. I feel like I haven’t been with a guy in months.”

“You haven’t,” Jill reminded. Kim opened her mouth to protest, but Jill didn’t give her the chance. “The guy in your dreams doesn’t count.”

Jill reached down and cranked up the volume on the radio before Kim had a chance to respond. The short drive to the refurbished hotel in the center section of the college town ended before either spoke again.

Kim followed Jill into the entrance of the building. A combination of laughter and chatter echoed from the barroom, sending a thrill of excitement through Kim. Jill led the way into the crowd. Kim couldn’t help but notice the way her friend’s hips kept knocking against male butts as she worked her way to an empty booth at the end of the bar.

“Can you tell school’s back in session?” Jill remarked as her gaze swept around the room before landing on the guy at the other end of the bar. “I think I’ll bring that one along home tonight.”

“I outgrew college boys a few years ago, Jill.”

A waitress had made her way to their booth, blocking Jill’s view of the guy. Kim saw the irritation in her friend’s face. But Jill gave the young woman, probably a college student as well, her order followed with a pleasant smile.

Kim placed her order for a half dozen wing-dings, agreeing to share a pitcher of beer with Jill, and the waitress took off, giving Jill a clear view again of the hunk at the other end of the bar.

“You’re drooling,” Kim said in hopes of gaining Jill’s attention.

It took a few seconds before she glanced in Kim’s direction. “I can’t help it. I need to get laid myself. It’s been weeks and the old vibrator just isn’t the same as the real McCoy.”

Kim giggled. “You have one of those things?”

“Not just one, dear.”

Kim burst out laughing. When she regained her composure, she spotted him. He took up the entire doorway, the entire room. The sound of her heart pounding feverishly overpowered the voices around her. She didn’t notice Jill glancing over her shoulder to see what had caught her full attention.

“I must admit you’ve got an eye for the ones hung like a horse. He doesn’t even have a hard on and his crotch is bulging.”

“It’s him,” Kim finally said, releasing the firm hold on her breath.

“Who’s him?”

“Him,” Kim declared. “My night lover.”

Watch for Night Lover coming soon.

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Night Lover-Coming Soon

Long ago, something terrible happened in the old Victorian house Kim was so lovingly restoring, but Kim doesn't believe in ghosts and she's certain that the man who invades her dreams night after night, giving her passion and pleasure such as she's never known, couldn't possibly be a ghost.

But her best friend, Jill, won't enter the house. Jill's convinced a curse hangs over the house and no woman who lives there will ever find happiness.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm back

I apologize for not posting here for such a long time. There is no excuse for not posting updates for my readers. So how about I post an excerpt of one of my books. Sound good?

Excerpt of Hot Property:

It was a mystery to Betsy that her legs went a bit wobbly upon first seeing the stranger who waited for her in the dining room. It could have something to do with the intoxicating scent of his cologne filling the room. Or just the way he held his head as he picked over the literature on the table. Whatever it was, she couldn’t just stand there gaping at him.

She took a few shaky steps toward him and thrust her hand across the table. “Hi there, I’m Betsy Alexander.”

The man’s steely gaze swept over her, making her feel self-conscious. Ignoring her hand, he said. “You’re the one handling the open house?” The coldness in his tone was compatible with the steely eyes that commanded an answer.

Betsy cleared her throat. “Yes, I am.” Something within saved her from shrinking and she stood tall. God knows he still towered over her. “I was just about to lock up. But I’d be happy to show you the house.” Truthfully, she’d be happier if he’d just leave.

“Well lead the way then.”

What arrogance, Betsy thought as she moved into the hallway, tempted to look over her shoulder to see if he followed. But unnecessary since the scent of his cologne grew more powerful as it swirled down around her, making her feel half dizzy.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed the home is immaculate,” she began as she climbed the open staircase to the second floor. To the bedrooms.

A fierce ‘oh no’ screamed within her. What if he’s a rapist? A serial killer. She wasn’t aware that she was practically running up the steps. At the landing, she quickly whirled around to see where he was and crashed into him where he stood on the top step.

His strong hands caught her around the elbows. His nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed. When he released his breath, time seemed to freeze while Betsy’s heart beat frantically. Yet, she could have sworn she stopped breathing.

She got a glimpse of an amused smile and warmer eyes before he quickly let go of her and wasted no time stepping around her onto the landing and took over the lead.

His move suited Betsy just fine. She didn’t think she could handle more of the unnerving sensations she’d experienced with him behind her as she climbed the stairs. Certain his blue eyes were taking in every inch of her curved hips, outlined by the light colored material of her skirt, which ended just above her knees. She had no doubts he’d given her nylon calves a close look as well.

It was her turn to get a good look at him as he strode down the hallway. His short dark hair appeared professionally cut and styled. Not a strand out of place. His broad shoulders were covered with a mint green colored short-sleeved shirt that revealed deeply tanned muscled arms. Khaki trousers covered the nicely rounded buns and long legs.

She watched him open the door to the master bedroom and disappear inside. His absence made her remember why she was here and she dashed through the doorway crashing smack into him once again.

Betsy grunted from sudden impact before glaring up at him, certain her face shaded red to match the background in her printed blouse.

Skylar’s hands grasped hold of her arms a second time. “Do you make a habit of banging into people to get their attention, Miss Alexander?”

“Of course not.” She jerked away from him, from those accusing eyes. A second later she wondered how he knew she was a Miss. She distinctly remembered introducing herself as Betsy Alexander.

“Then perhaps you should consider having your eyes examined.”

He stepped around her and back into the hallway.

For one brief moment, this bold, arrogant and downright rude man had Betsy contemplating why she stayed in this business. She didn’t have time to dwell on the thought. If she didn’t get moving the last potential buyer for Stephanie’s house would get away.

Purchase Kindle Edition-99 cents

Purchase Nook Edition-99 cents

Purchase at Smashwords-99 cents

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Celebration

In celebration of the holiday of love, I've lowered the kindle price of my contemporary romance, Hot Property to ninety-nine cents.

Betsy Alexander rides a Harley to blow off steam after stressful work days peddling real estate in a soft market. She desperately needs a motorcycle ride after her first encounter with the arrogant hunk Skylar Blakewood. Then to find out the real estate developer snatched up the land she'd planned for her dream house and a hillside of Christmas trees, knocks her off her sturdy footing, literally.

All you have to do to get your copy is Click Here.

Happy Valentine's Day! Lacey

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hot Property-Free Download

For a limited time my contemporary romance Hot Property is available for FREE at smashwords.

So go get your FREE copy today.

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